Materi Advanced Hypnotherapy

Silabus Worskhop Advanced Hypnotherapy :

  • Brief Hypnotherapy Concept : General Protocol of Brief Hypnotherapy, 3 Phase Therapeutic Protocol.
  • Pre-Induction Process : Building Raport, Intake Interview, Exploring Client Modalities, Suggestibility Test & Hypnotic Training, Strategy, dll.
  • Hypno Therapeutic Technique : Direct Suggestion, Ideo Motor Response, Age Regression, Anchor, Role Model, Desensitization, Future Pacing, Parts Therapy, Chair Therapy, Gestalt, Forgiveness Therapy, Object Imagery, Submodality Intervention.
  • Case Study : Pembahasan berbagai kasus Hipnoterapi.

Fasilitas Peserta : 

  • Student Kit, CD Self Hypnosis, Sertifikat dari House of Trance (sertifikasi dari The Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy bersifat optional), Lunch, dan 2 x Coffee Break.

Persyaratan Peserta :

  • Peserta pernah mengikuti pelatihan fundamental hypnotherapy dari House of Trance ataupun The Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy

Format pelatihan :

  • Teori 30% + Praktek (Workshop) 70%.